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frosted frenzy pink lemonade cupcake

Frosted Frenzy is a delivery cupcake bakery that was started by two friends who teamed up to turn their love of crafting and passion for teamwork into the kitchen to create cupcakes. They started off as just two ladies making cupcakes and turned their dream into a reality with the purchase of a food truck. Now you can find them roaming the Phoenix streets, slinging cupcakes, and brightening peoples’ days.

I recently had the chance to try these cupcakes when they set up shop in our office lot. The ladies were super friendly and were happy to explain the ingredients in each cupcake and to make recommendations. To say these women were cheerful would be an understatement; they seemed simply extacic to be sharing their cupcakes with us. The joy they found in selling their cupcakes may have actually come close to the joy I got from receiving cupcakes.

I will preface this by saying 1> I love cupcakes. Who doesn’t? Seriously. But 2> I went into this expecting it to be another Sprinkles or overrated cupcake bandwagon-jumper. To make sure I got a fair opinion of them, I tried four of their cupcakes: salted caramel, “It’s my party,” strawberry lemonade, and chocolate caramel toffee crunch.

frosted frenzy salted caramel

Their salted caramel cupcake with a salted caramel filling, topped with white frosting and a salted caramel drizzle. This cupcake was over the top delicious, guys. Seriously. The salty caramel is perfectly balanced with the sweet cupcake and frosting.

“It’s my party” (not pictured) is billed as a white confetti cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles. So I was surprised (although, pleasantly so) when I bit into the cupcake and discovered that it wasn’t just any plain old white cake, but had a heavy dose of almond extract in there, too. The almond really elevated the cupcake from its original “funfetti” roots, I definitely recommend this one, too.

Strawberry lemonade really stood out from the crowd with a super refreshing lemon cupcake topped with a bright pink frosting. This is the only cupcake I tried that isn’t listed on their site, so I’m assuming it is more of a “daily special” ordeal (and also means I don’t have the “approved” description). I loved that this cupcake wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and was able to really feature the lemon flavor without being too tart.

frosted frenzy chocolate toffee

The chocolate toffee caramel crunch is a chocolate cupcake, filled with caramel, and then topped with vanilla frosting, toffee pieces, caramel and fudge. Did you catch all of that? The flavors in this cupcake got a little bit muddled but I appreciated the textural addition of the crunchy toffee on top that contrasted with the creamy frosting and chewy cupcake. Still a good cupcake, but I liked the other three better.

All in all, I came away pleasantly surprised (and very full of cupcakes). These ladies really know what they are doing. Their cupcakes are not those dry or tough things that some other gourmet bakeries try to pass off as cupcakes. They are well-balanced, tastefully-decorated, and always served with a smile.

I would definitely recommend stopping by if you see this truck around and giving their cupcakes a try. If you’re in need of some desserts for your next event, they also offer catering services which offer mini cupcakes, cupcake towers, cake pops, and more.

Frosted Frenzy Cupcakes

602-570-3673 or 602-579-9199

Great for: Dessert!

Price Range: $3 to $4 per cupcake

Service: 5 out of 5

Food: 5 out of 5

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