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After hearing a rumor on the internet about these slim new cookies, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. In no time at all they were popping up on pretty much every media outlet there is. Nonetheless, I could not find them near me. Starting on their slated release date I traveled from store to store with no luck, and Nabisco had not yet done me the courtesy of adding them to their product locator (which has since been remedied). I even tried begging them on Instagram and Twitter but, much like an ex ignoring a drunk dial, they did not reply.

It took about two weeks before the elusive cookies finally made it into my grocery store. Which is actually much faster than most other items usually make it into this particular store.

So, what’s the big deal about these little guys, anyway? I mean it’s not like they’re some crazy new flavor, they are just the same classic Oreo, but compressed. At 7.5 mm thick, they are just over half the thickness of a regular Oreo cookie. Here’s how they stack up against the Birthday Cake version in terms of size, which I suspect is somewhere in between a double-stuffed and a regular Oreo cookie.

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If you’re a fan of the original Nabisco wafer, you will absolutely love these cookies. If you like regular Oreos, you’ll probably love these as well, since they taste identical. Though thinner than their cookie ancestors, Nabisco says these guys have pretty much the same cookie-to-filling ratio, so you’re really not missing out on anything at all, except that feeling when you bite into an Oreo and the filling squishes and the cookie breaks like the Earth’s crust and you have to rush your hand under your chin to catch the falling cookie pieces… That you will miss with these.

I found the cookies to actually be less crumbly and really enjoyed the fact that I could bite through the cookie without causing a crumb storm to erupt from my face and crying from sadness when half of the cookie fell to the floor. Not that I ever eat Oreos without milk, but I just tried it anyway… for science.

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These aren’t necessarily for dieters, but they will save you about 18 calories and 1 gram of fat per cookie. Some people are complaining that the package is a meager 10.1 oz compared to a traditional Oreo’s package weight of 14.3 ounces. However, if you think in terms of “how many cookies can I eat?” then you actually get more out of your Oreo thins – which boats “40 cookies per package” while your standard Oreo package will only yield 36 Oreos, so you’re technically still winning in terms of servings.

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Now for the official taste test – I invited my good friend Shannon from A Periodic Table to share her thoughts as well.


I loved the chocolate Oreo thins – I thought they had the same great Oreo taste that I know and love but loved the extra crisp cookie and thought they struck the perfect cookie-to-cream ratio. (Note: I’m not a big cream filling fan). I have never been a fan of vanilla sandwich cookies but they were really the unsung hero of this group. I was surprised at how much I loved them and how well the cream filling enhanced the vanilla flavor of the cookie.

I also tested them dipped in milk, as that is the standard way I enjoy my Oreos, and they still turned into magical melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Verdict: I would buy both of these again, and might even be tempted to try the regular “golden” Oreos as a result of how much I enjoyed their thin cousins.


To my astonishment, the chocolate was my least favorite of the two cookies. Somehow in the thinning of the cookie they lose some of their classic chocolate flavor. I felt like I tasted less chocolate cookie with the thins than I would with a standard size Oreo, and the filling flavor (not the amount) seemed to drown it out.

As for vanilla, I LOVE THIS ONE. Like “in a relationship” love, I would put a ring on this cookie. The vanilla is PERFECTION and somehow the filling enhances the flavor of the cookie and just makes it a super crisphy, super-vanilla cookie. I think the vanilla verseion wins where the chocolate cookie loses, the filling amplifies this flavor where it detracts from the chocolate. I’ll go on record saying I’ve never loved a vanilla/golden Oreo as much as I love this one. EVER.

Verdict: Love the Thins, but Vanilla is the clear winner of the two.


Price: Same as regular Oreos (in this case, on sale 2 for $5.00)

Pros: Same great Oreo flavor we all know and love, easier to eat and less crumbly.

Cons: Less “bang for your buck” in terms of price per weight. I consider this a super teeny tiny con.

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