Gigi’s Cupcakes – S’mores & Pumpkin Spice Latte

gigis cupcake fall 2015

When Gigi’s Cupcakes announced their fall lineup this year I was thrilled – mostly because it contained my two favorite things ever: pumpkin and s’mores.

I took advantage of their launch day promotion which offered both cupcakes for $2.00 each, and grabbed a couple others to try since I was there anyway.

pumpkin spice latte gigis cupcake

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcake should probably have stopped at just “pumpkin spice’ – The cupcake has a texture almost more like quickbread than a cupcake, but the flavor was great so I forgave it. It’s topped with a swirl of rich vanilla bean cream cheese frosting, then sprinkled with a cinnamon-sugar mixture and finished with a drizzle of sweet caramel. I guess the “latte” part comes from the adorable mini straw that they stick in the cupcake, as there is zero coffee flavor at all.

I really enjoyed this cupcake, but wasn’t sure why they went with the “latte” name, aside from to latch onto the whole #PSL trend, I suppose. I thought they really missed the opportunity to stand out by throwing some espresso into the frosting or even adding some powdered coffee to their sprinkle – really anything to bring the “latte” to the party. Overall it’s a good pumpkin/cream cheese cupcake, but I guess “pumpkin spice latte” has a better ring to it. They

gigis smores cupcake fall 2015

The S’mores cupcake fared less well than its pumpkin spice brethren. Although the flavor of the chocolate cake was good, the cake itself was dry and hard to swallow. The vanilla-fluff topping was extremely sweet, as expected, but the graham crumbs didn’t do the dry cake any favors, making the rest of the cake even harder to swallow. My favorite part of this cupcake was just the tiny piece of Hershey bar on top.

princess gigis cupcake

The Miss Princess Cupcake was not a seasonal flavor, but I purchased it anyway on account of it containing strawberry and strawberry being my husband’s favorite. Plus, it’s the manliest of all the cupcakes, so I had to get it for him. I made sure it was safely escorted home before unwrapping to taste.

gigis cupcake seatbelt

Most of Gigi’s cupcakes are topped with at least 2x the frosting necessary, however the Miss Princess manages to pack even more frosting on top. The cupcake is a white cake mixed with strawberry (puree I assume, as the cake is bright pink and there are no strawberry chunks inside), which is then topped with a cream cheese frosting, pink sugar crystals, and a pink fondant crown.

The texture of this cupcake was the best, although it didn’t have much strawberry flavor. The frosting was well-balanced despite there being way too much of it, but that’s a problem that is easily remedied with the scrape of a knife, though. This was my favorite cupcake of the three in terms of texture.

The fourth cupcake was Gigi’s Gluten Free Vanilla which I handed off to my gluten-free coworker. I can’t attest to the flavor or quality of this cupcake, but she did say it was rather dry, which I find to be a common issue for gluten-free baked goods.

You can find a Gigi’s near you by checking out the Gigi’s website. Fall flavors are available until October 18th.

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