true food community dinner

I recently had the opportunity to try True Food’s new Community Dinner, offering a five course prixe fixe menu with drink pairings at True Food’s Biltmore location.
The True Food Community Dinner is different from your traditional True Food meal in many ways. First off, you will be seated “community style” – as in you’re sharing a table with other diners who you may or may not know. In this instance the tables sat 6 to 8 people each. Generally this stresses me out, but I ended up having a lot of fun listening to the conversations around me. I suppose a more outgoing person may have joined in, but I was having enough fun just eavesdropping (sorry guys!).
Another thing that sets this meal apart from your usual True Food meal is the elegance. Every dish is masterfully crafted, exquisitely plated, and paired with a cocktail or wine. These are dishes you would expect to see at a five-star fancy restaurant, not at the same place you go for your healthy Teriyaki Chicken lunch bowl. I also really liked that they left salt and pepper on the tables. Although I didn’t need it, I hate when a restaurant purposely leaves it off the table just so they can judge me if I choose to ask for it.
The first course, a miso-cured egg yolk dumpling with wasabi leaf and kale topped with a dashi foam was paired with a cocktail, with the remaining courses being paired with wine, giving a great sample of what the restaurant has to offer drink-wise. Don’t let the unassuming picture fool you, there is a flavor bomb hiding under there. This may have been my favorite item from the night.
The second course was grilled white asparagus with a tahini miso sauce, toasted hazelnut, and preserved meyer lemon. I could have eaten three more plates of this alone.
Third, purple potato gnocchi with white (almond) pesto, mushrooms, heirloom tomato “raisins” and crispy basil, paried perfectly soft and pillowy gnocchi with deliciously sweet roasted tomatoes and a perfect pop of texture from the crispy basil.
 The fourth course was a steelhead sashimi atop black quinoa onigiri and a black tea consomme which packed way more flavor than its picture portrays. You break up the quinoa patty and let it soak in the consomme a bit and all of the flavors complement each other beautifully.
For dessert, a sweet potato creme brulee topped with what I assume was some sort of ginger-y/allspice sorbet. The creme brulee itself was amazing but I could have done without the sorbet, I think a scoop of vanilla ice cream would’ve been better (or just the creme brulee on its own).
Overall the experience was great and I would definitely recommend it to just about anyone who would listen. The cost (though it’s possible they will vary by dinner) was $70 which seems like a bit of a steal for everything that was included in the meal, especially considering drink pairings were included as well! Word on the street is that they will be rolling these out as themed events in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.
Where: True Food Kitchen (Biltmore Location with possibility for expansion)
What: Community Dinner Event